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When we first moved in to our home, we decided that we wanted to update the bathrooms as they were quite old. They had a shower in the middle of the room and everything in that room got wet. So, we used a local man to remove the old bathroom and tiles and replace with nice new modern tiles and fittings with a proper shower area instead of everything getting wet.  It looks OK, but we now have issues with the quality of the work.  


Buying property in Calabria

Hi, it’s Michelle again, I thought this time I would take you through the process of us buying our place in Italy as I know people can be anxious about it. Some people have a dream to own a house in Italy, we know this as people have told us.  When we were in the process of leaving the UK, so many people said to us that they would love to do it, but they are not brave enough.  I understand it can feel very scary, but if you don’t want to make a permanent move like us, you can still have an Italian home away from home waiting for you to visit whenever you like. 


Looking For La Dolce Vita?

Secret Italy was the most economical way for us

Hi, I am Michelle and along with my husband John we moved to Italy two months ago. To Scalea in Calabria to be precise, with the help of the Calabria Realty Group.

A common question we get asked is ‘Where is Scalea?’, so I will answer that, just in case you don’t know.  Scalea is a town in the north of Calabria, about 220km (136 miles) south of Naples.

Then we get asked ‘Why Calabria, what is there, I’ve never heard of it?’

Lido da Pietro

Every beach resort is full of lidos scattered along the water front and Scalea is no different. However along the Lungomare Ruggiero di Lauria you’ll find the exceptional lido da Pietro. Now not only do I use this as my daytime office during the long summer months, it’s also the stand out lido in Scalea.